Book Review: “M School” by Kevin T. Johns


Genre: Thriller

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“M School” is an ARC that was sent to me by the author. It came out October 19, 2016.

Lilith Delaney, 17 years old, feels nothing.  Not even after killing her own cat.  Nothing.

As the goalie on her high school (Kings High) soccer team, Lilith is cool, calm, and collected.  Nothing riles her.  She is different from all the other kids and has only two really good friends: Soccer teammates Lara Bloom and Miranda Reynard.

Lara is outgoing, vivacious, powerful, and is the star of the team while Miranda is small, fast, and tricky.  With a fairly new coach, Coach Taylor, the team has gelled and is now quite good.  Very good.

After a game one day, the girls hit the showers and head for the bus. Lara is taking a long time and Miranda goes in to hurry her along.


Coach Taylor and Lilith run into the showers to find one of the girls dead….eviscerated…..and the other one screaming with blood all over her.

After the funeral, Coach Taylor approaches Lilith and tells her that she has what it takes to train at a special school.  He gives her a (fake) brochure to show her parents and after some parental deliberation….

…..Lilith is headed to M School, Murder High, where she will be trained, under the auspices of the Shadow Cabinet, to put her special talents to use saving the world.

Lilith will become a cold-blooded killer just like everyone else at M School and, for the first time in her life, she fits in, and even excels…….feeling nothing.

To see what happens, you will have to read the book.

“M School” is a great read!  Fast, gory, action packed, with fantastic locations (for example M School is underwater in what looks like an oil rig with tropical islands nearby that are used for midterms).

Every bit as good as “The 5th Wave” if not better.

Buy “M School” on Amazon here. Please support as we know all too well what it is like to lose a 17 year old.  😦


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