Genre: Thriller

The first Fargo Adventure I read (#8 or so in the series) was co-written with Clive Cussler by Facebook friend, Robin Burcell: “Pirate”.  As always when I start a series late, I felt I was lacking depth of character (hey, I am anal about reading in order….), so I went back and read #1 in the series….”Spartan Gold”.  (Between you and me, “Pirate” is better, and I’m not just saying that because….).

Sam and Remi Fargo have left their previous lives: He a CalTech engineer at DARPA and in his own business (where he invented a laser technique that he sold for millions) and she an anthropologist and history major from Boston College (with a major “focus on ancient trade routes”), to start the non-profit Fargo Foundation.

The Foundation gives them time to do what they love to do: Explore.

With the help of Selma Wondrash, Georgetown University graduate and Library of Congress alum, Sam and Remi travel the world solving mysteries while Selma and her team provide backup from the Fargo Foundation San Diego base of operations.

In “Spartan Gold”, Sam and Remi are on the hunt for a Chesapeake Bay criminal’s, from the 1820’s, “loot” thought to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars today.

While searching for this loot, Sam and Remi accidentally run across a Nazi mini-sub grounded on shore. Being naturally curious, they pick up the investigation into the sub only to find out that they have a mystery to solve……and a competitor.

It turns out that the mystery of the sub leads all the way back to Napoleon’s lost treasure of gold…..Spartan Gold….and the competitor, Hadeon Bondaruk, is more than willing to kill anyone who gets in his way.

“Spartan Gold” is a rousing adventure for the first 300 to 350 pages.  Then, as more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more (get my point?) obstacles pop up, the book drags down into the nitty-gritty details of escapes that add nothing to the treasure hunt. It could have easily been edited by 150 to 200 pages.  

2 thoughts on ““Spartan Gold” by Clive Cussler and Grant Blackwood

  1. Come on, have you not read any other books of Clive especially Dirk Pitt novels? More obstacles are thrown to the hero in every novel. I have not finished reading Spartan Gold as I was introduced to Dirk Pitt character and his adventures which made me to fell in love with Clive Cussler writings and started to collect all the Pitt novels.


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