Book Review: “Partners” by John Grisham

Genre: Thriller (Short Story)

33 year old Tee Ray has been laid off from his job and is now living with his 14 year old son, Jameel, in a tent on his friend’s back porch.

There are not many opportunities in Little Angola, and many of the underemployed end up selling, delivering, or taking drugs. Tee Ray is determined to get them out of this hell hole, but, first, he needs to make some money.

Taking a job with drug dealer Tox, Tee Ray delivers drugs to the teenage “cashiers” who then meet with the clients.

After finishing his deliveries for the night (and making $300), Tee Ray was attacked by an aggressive policeman who, unfortunately, died when Tee Ray shot him in the eye in self-defense.

“Rogue Lawyer” (see my review) Sebastian Rudd takes Tee Ray’s case and…….to see what happens in this interesting, fast moving, prequel to “Rogue Lawyer” you can download it on your reading device.



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