Book Review: “The Nowhere Man” by Gregg Hurwitz

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Genre: Thriller

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In book #2 of the Orphan X series, Evan Smoak finds himself helping 15 year old Anna Rezian.

Anna has been “recruited”  at her high school by a young-looking jerk to open a secret Facebook account and upload some pictures.  She uploads a selfie, but, then nothing more.  The jerk corrals her the next day and says he needs more….and if she does not comply, his cohorts will hurt her family.

Little does she know that Hector Contrell has access to the secret FB page and has a buyer: Someone who is interested in young Anna.

Anna fears the worst, and, luckily for her, a friend’s father knows who to call:

1-855-2 NOWHERE

“Do you need my help”


Hours later, Evan, starts his next mission: To eliminate the sex traffickers preying on Anna and most probably many others. Which he does (Anna is now safe) but in doing so he finds that the last “shipment” has been shipped and is on her way to Florida via the Panama Canal.  Alice Siegler age 17 is on a ship in container 78653-B812.

Evan has sixteen days to meet that ship and save Alice.

Only one problem…..some rich crazy smart dude, Rene, with unlimited human resources and the need for more money sends a team to grab Evan and hold him hostage until he can forward $27 million from his bank account to Rene’s bank account.

Problem number two……Rene has no idea who he is holding captive until death and destruction begin to reign upon his sorry ass.

Can Evan save Alice?  Bigger question: Can he first save himself?

To find out, you will have to read the book.

“The Nowhere Man” is not quite as good as the first book.  Evan is at his best, in my opinion, when he is saving other people and living in his fortress apartment with Mia and Peter close by.  Saving himself was scary and very violent with a few interesting twists, but it was a bit long and repetitive.

We will see what book #3 brings as Evan gets the call from someone he loves at the end of “The Nowhere Man”.


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