Book Review: “Camino Island” by John Grisham

Genre: Thriller

Mark, Denny, Trey, Jerry, and Ahmed planned the “perfect” crime.

Together, they planned, and executed, the nearly perfect heist of several of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s original handwritten manuscripts, including “The Great Gatsby”, from the Firestone Library at Princeton University. Each manuscript will be worth millions, and Mark, Denny, Trey, Jerry, and Ahmed are basking in their new found wealth.

The celebration was short lived as Jerry had cut himself at the scene and the FBI now knew who one of the thieves was and were waiting for him to come home. Jerry and Mark were apprehended. Upon hearing this, Ahmed fled the country, Denny killed Trey, then sold the manuscripts for a meager one-half million on the black market and then….disappeared.

Mercer Mann was losing her teaching job at the University of North Carolina due to budget cuts (taxes do pay for stuff and the Republicans in charge had made deep cuts). Mercer is deep in debt (school loans), and now, without a job, her short term prospects are bleak. She desperately wanted to finish her novel (she already had one published, and it was very good), but, she needed to work.

Then, Elaine Shelby came into her life with an offer that Mercer could hardly decline. Her company will pay off all her debts and pay her $100,000 for six months work writing her novel on Camino Island….where Mercer’s family owns a cottage and Mercer spent every summer with her Grandmother.

All she had to do was to “infiltrate” the writing community on Camino Island and get in good with Bay Books owner, Bruce Cable, who the FBI suspects has the Fitzgerald manuscripts.

Mercer then…….oh, sorry, you will have to read the book to see what happens. 🙂

“Camino Island” is a fantastic read! I could not put it down. I love books about books, and I love the inside look (hey this is John Grisham) at writers, manuscripts, first edition books, etc.

Books! Authors! And a perfect ending.


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