Book Review: “Two for the Dough” by Janet Evanovich

Genre: Mystery

On a stakeout with experienced bounty hunter, Ranger, new bounty hunter Stephanie Plum is nervous and is without a loaded gun. Duh.

A brand new 4×4 pulls up to the house they are watching, hoping that Kenny Mancuso shows up so they can grab him (for shooting his ex-best friend in the knee then skipping bail) and reap the bounty. The person in the 4×4 enters the house….with Ranger and Stephanie close behind.

They knock on the door and, oooops, Officer Joe Morelli answers it. He is also looking for Kenny…..who is also his cousin.

A tangled web.

Speaking of which….Morelli and Plum have history going back to when they were kids and, sometimes, lovers. That chemistry still exists even though Plum tries her best to resist temptation.

To make life even more interesting Morelli and Plum team up.

What happens next is an action filled, fast, fun mystery where Kenny is hiding from the law and killing his partners one-by-one while trying to sell stolen military weapons and cop-killing ammunition. A bad dude.

Anyone chasing him is in danger…..especially Stephanie who is still learning her new career and is vulnerable.

“Two for the Dough” is book #2 of the Stephanie Plum (go here to read my review of book #1) series and was written in 1996. Needless to say, I need to get busy so I can catch up! 🙂


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