Book Review: “Camino Winds” by John Grisham

Genre: Thriller

Three years after “Camino Island”, Mercer Mann has finished her book, “Tessa”, and it is now on the bestseller list.

Bruce Cable, owner of Bay Books, is planning a huge party in honor of Mercer’s success, and everyone is invited!

Hurricane Leo is wandering the Atlantic playing games with the weather forecasters. When they predict a path, Leo fools them and goes left when he was predicted to go right.

The residents of Camino Island, off the coast near Jacksonville, Florida, are not too concerned about Leo since they have never really been hit hard by a hurricane, but, Leo IS the talk of the town…..right after Mercer Mann’s party!

The party was a success, but, Leo decided to hit Camino Island full force with the eye of the storm passing right over Bay Books (well….main street).

After the storm the extent of the devastation was apparent: Camino Island, tourist mecca, will be out of action for a long long time, and 11 people, sadly, died…including a best selling author…..

Finding the body of their friend: Bruce, crime author Bob Cobb, and, part-time book store employee avid mystery reader and Wake Forest student, Nick Sutton conclude that it was murder, and, when the authorities punt on the investigation, the three amigos pick up the investigation.

What follows is a murder mystery that reaches far beyond Camino Island and can very well end in more murders…..

To find out what happens….you will have to read the book. 🙂

“Camino Winds” is a riveting follow-up to “Camino Island”. Alternately comfortable, dark, and murderously violent, you uncover a new experience with every turn of the page.

Loved it!

John Grisham is a master….THE master.

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