Short Story: “Casino” by John Grisham

Genre: Thriller

A short story included in John Grisham’s book: “Ford County: Stories”

Bobby Carl Leach is Clanton’s most successful near-do-well.

He has built his empire on small businesses, multiple housing units, a tractor supply company, trucks, and real estate.

When his gambling debts mounted, one or more of his places mysteriously burned to the ground.

Getting away with living on the edge of legality and even stepping over the line, Bobby Carl wanted more.

The revelation came when he saw an opportunity to work with a local Yazoo Indian, Chief Larry, and somehow build a Casino in Ford County.

Nefariously being declared 1/16 Yazoo, Bobby Carl and Chief Larry, built a Casino, the Lucky Jack.

Stella has been married to boring Sidney for decades. Deciding to dump the boring Sidney she divorced his ass and took up with……Bobby Carl……eventually working at the Lucky Jack.

To drown his sorrows, Sidney decided to visit the Luck Jack, and much to his surprise, he found he had a knack for gambling.

One thing lead to another and……..

Oh, to find out what happens, you need to read the “Casino” short story in “Ford County: Stories”.

A fun fast read (about 30 pages long) that will……


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