Book Review: “Pieces of Her” by Karin Slaughter

Genre: Thriller

This book was signed by Karin Slaughter. Here is her really cool signature page.

August 20, 2018

Andy has just gotten off duty as a night shift police dispatcher and is meeting her speech therapist mother, Laura, for breakfast at the local “Rise & Dine” in the mall.

They do this all the time, but, today is special as Andy is now, 31 years old.

Although Andy has been on her own for some time, Laura feels bad that it is because of her (and her recent battle with cancer) that Andy is still taking care of mom and living at home.

Laura will tell Andy that, now that the cancer has been taken care of, Andy is free to be her own person and live her life.

As they were enjoying breakfast….

A relative of a patient of Laura’s stops by the table to chat, soon to be joined by that persons young daughter who is ready to go off to college.

Andy walks away for a bit to look out a window when she hears…..

Pop, pop, pop….



Andy turns to see the two people who were talking to Laura dead on the floor and Laura rushing to Andy….followed by the gunman!

Then Andy sees something she has never seen before….

Laura turns into a calm, violent….killing machine…leaving Andy to wonder: What pieces of her mother does she not know about?

At Laura’s instructions to grab stuff in a storage area in another town…Andy leaves Bell Isle (Georgia) headed towards Idaho and…….discovery, violence, and……death.

Who is her mother? Really?

Andy is about to find out……

“Pieces of Her” is absolutely enthralling non-stop action and intrigue from page 1 to page 468 as we learn who Laura was……or…


I have another book by Karin Slaughter (Triptych) and will read that soon….

For this book…..Karin says it best……

“The push and pull. The vortex. The yo-yo. The rollercoaster. She worshipped him. She despised him. He was her weakness. He was her destroyer. Her ultimate all or none. There were so many ways to describe that tiny piece of herself that…….”

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