Book Review: “American Assassin” by Vince Flynn

Genre: Thriller (Mitch Rapp before he was Mitch Rapp) The terrorists who brought down Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland had no idea what hell they brought upon themselves. They will find out. Mitch Rapp was a star lacrosse player at Syracuse University in Upstate New York.  A gifted athlete waiting for his girlfriend … Continue reading Book Review: “American Assassin” by Vince Flynn

Book Review: "Pursuit of Honor" by Vince Flynn

Book Review Genre: Thriller Rating:  3.5 Watertowers (Rapp wraps up "Extreme Measures") Six days after the events in "Extreme Measures", Mitch Rapp, his boss, CIA Director Irene Kennedy, and Mike Nash are trying to find the surviving terrorists. Several Senators and many civilians and government employees who were having lunch at a famous restaurant are … Continue reading Book Review: "Pursuit of Honor" by Vince Flynn

"Extreme Measures" by Vince Flynn

Rating:  4 WaterTowers (Rapp unleashed) Genre: Thriller Bagram Air Base in Afganistan is holding two high level al-Qaeda prisoners. They have just been assured fair treatment according to the Geneva Convention by several ultra-liberal Senators, including Senator Barbara Lonsdale, the chairwoman of the Judiciary Committee. A half a world away, a terrorist cell (the last … Continue reading "Extreme Measures" by Vince Flynn