Book Review “The Sixth Man” by David Baldacci

the sixth man

Genre: Thriller

(Sean King and Michelle Maxwell return)

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Edgar Roy is really really smart.  So smart that he was selected to filter the overwhelming information from the E-Program’s “Wall” and, in that role, performed like no one else had before him.  Countless lives were saved as he deftly put random pieces of information together (out of billions of pieces of information) to avert terrorist strikes and numerous other man made disasters.  Now Roy is awaiting trial for possibly murdering 6 people.  He sits, in a near catatonic state, in a highly secure Federal prison in Maine…Cutter’s Rock.  The E-Program is in jeopardy, and under attack from politico’s.

Summoned to a meeting in Maine with old friend and lawyer representing Roy, Ted Bergin, Sean and Michelle are driving to their destination when they find Ted dead (that rhymes!) in his car.  A single bullet to the head.

Calling the authorities, not only do the local cops show up, but, also the FBI, lead by Special Agent Brandon Murdock.  Why the FBI?

As explained in the first paragraph, Edgar Roy WAS Homeland Security.

“The Sixth Man” follows Sean and Michelle (and Roy’s half-sister, Kelly Paul (a new continuing character?) as they try to unravel the mystery of Bergin’s death, and the subsequent deaths of several other people involved in the Roy case.   They find that the deception reaches the highest political offices in Washington, D.C.

“The Sixth Man” is a great book.  I love the Wall concept where all the intelligence gathered by the disparate intelligence organizations is displayed for one person of extreme intelligence (Roy was the only E-Six) to figure out.  Very cool…pick it up or download it!

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