Book Review: “A Gambling Man” by David Baldacci

Genre: Thriller


After the events of the last book, Archer is free from his parole obligations and has a potential job waiting for him (with Willie Dash, Very Private Investigations) in Bay Town, California.

Making his way west, via bus, Archer stops in Reno for the night where he meets…..

Bobby H and Liberty Callahan.

Bobby H is a neer-do-good gambler owing a large debt with thugs coming after him for payment. Bobby H sees that Archer is a man who can take care of himself and asks Archer if he can protect him.


After getting his hotel room and heading out for a drink (no more parole!) Archer watches a show and meets one of the women dancing and singing on stage….Liberty Callahan.

Turns out, Liberty is an aspiring actress and wants to eventually try her luck in Los Angeles.

She and Archer hit if off.

Later that night, Liberty and Archer are walking when they happen upon a man being beaten by some thugs.

It’s Bobby H and Archer jumps in to save his sorry ass.

Grateful for the help, Bobby H asks if Archer wants to buy his car so Bobby H can pay off the debts and Archer will have a car to take him to Bay Town.

Archer ends up with the car, a 1939 Delahaye Model One Sixty Five, Figoni and Falaschi convertable cabriolet, and….a companion to drive with him to Bay Town….Callahan!

A few days later…..

Getting close to their destination, Callahan and Archer stop at a rest stop to eat before the last leg of their trip when…..

They are attacked by the same thugs who now claim to have killed Bobby H.


And this is just the beginning….as….

Oh, to find out what happens, you will have to read the book. 😉

“A Gambling Man” is a TERRIFIC book full of intrigue, murder, and action. Another page turning masterpiece by David Baldacci (how does he keep doing that?). 🙂

The Archer series has quickly risen to #2 Baldacci series just behind Amos Decker for me.


In fact, this series is so good, that I am now reading “Dream Town”….the newest and 3rd book in the Archer series. A mini-marathon. 🙂

More David Baldacci….


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