Book Review: “One Good Deed” by David Baldacci

Genre: Thriller


World War II veteran, Aloysius Archer, is just getting out of Carderock Prison (for a crime he did not commit) and is headed for Poca City where he will serve out his parole.

Thanks to a regular regimen of excercise in prison, Archer is heavier than when he went in but that weight is all muscle. He also read a lot…mostly mystery novels where he tried to solve the mystery long before the ending.

He is leaving prison very strong: Mentally AND physically.

In Poca City, breaking a parole rule, Archer enters a bar where he meets Hank Pittleman and his beautiful girlfriend, Jackie.

Being friendly (and flirting with Jackie), Archer finds himself with a job: To collect on a debt owed to Pittleman by a fellow citizen, Lucas Tuttle.

Archer accepts the job, with a $40 advance to cover the cost of new clothes and his initial expenses.

Leaving the bar…..Archer knows he and Jackie will see more of each other….a lot more. 😉

Meeting with his parole officer the next day, Ernestine Crabtree, Archer informs her that he has a job already and what it is. She accepts that, but, lets him know that she can send him to kill hogs at the slaughter house if that does not work out.

Leaving the parole office…..Archer knows he and Ernestine will see more of each other….a lot more. 😉

Meeting with Tuttle, Archer finds out that the money will be paid back to Pittleman on one condition: That his daughter, Jackie, comes back home.

WTF? Jackie…..from the bar?


Then…..someone is murdered, and……

Oh, to find out what happens, you will have to read the book. 🙂

“One Good Deed” is a fast, fun, mystery with twists and turns that will leave you gasping for air. In fact, Archer is so much fun, that, I decided to read book #2: “A Gambling Man” next.

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