Book Review: “The Fallen” by David Baldacci

Genre: Thriller

FBI Special Task Force partners Amos Decker and Alex Jamison were ordered by their boss, Agent Bogart, to take a vacation.

With nowhere to go, Amos was invited by Alex to come with her to celebrate her niece, Zoe’s 6th birthday in Baronville, PA.

He accepted.

Alex’s sister, Amber, and brother-in-law, Frank, just moved to the depressed, opioid infested, town of Baronville so Frank could help start-up a new Fulfillment Center in town. It was a promotion with lots more money. 🙂

Sitting on the back porch of Amber’s house contemplating various ways a person can die: Amos (who is cursed / blessed with hyperthymesia and synesthesia….meaning he has a perfect memory, colors and all)….hears a sound, hears a car start, sees an airplane overhead, and then sees the lights flicker in the house behind Amber’s.

Being a curious FBI agent, and an ex-pro football player, Decker jumps the back fence and takes a look inside the abandoned house (lots of those in Baronville) where he finds a man hanging from the rafters, blood arcing an electrical outlet, and the body of another man (in a police uniform!) in the basement.

Oh, shit.

So much for vacation.

What happens next is a complicated maze of murder, insurance fraud, opioid addiction, drug trafficking, greed, bad cops, bad people, kidnaping, the last remaining and universally hated (for no reason except he is a Baron), Baron (John)……and a possible buried treasure.

Just your average vacation for Amos Decker and Alex Jamison…….

Great book! But start with “Memory Man” as this is book #4 in the Amos Decker series. 🙂

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