Book Review: “Memory Man” by David Baldacci

Genre: Thriller

This is the first book in the Amos Decker series.

When Amos Decker was 22 years old, his pro football debut changed his life forever.  On the first play, Amos was the recipient of a vicious hit that killed him.

He was resuscitated, twice, and recovered, but, his mind was different.  He now remembers everything (hyperthymesia) and sees events, numbers, etc in color (synesthesia).

Retiring from football, and after attending a special institute for exceptional minds like his, Amos becomes a cop (while acing his grades because of his new found memory).

Now a police officer, Amos comes home one night to find his brother-in-law, wife, and daughter murdered.  Again, Amos’s life changes as he leaves the force and, for a time, becomes homeless.

18 months later, the crime still unsolved, Sebastian Leopold confesses to the triple homicide and is arrested.

The next day, a maniac shoots nine people (six students, three adults) at the local high school and then escapes without a trace.

The police need help finding the shooter so they ask Amos to consult with them on this case, teaming him with his old partner, Mary Lancaster.  Amos accepts and he and Lancaster track down clues to try to find the high school shooter, and try to bring closure to Amos for the loss of his family.

But all is not what it seems as the two seemingly unrelated incidents, separated by 18 months, converge.

“Memory Man” is a fantastic book and Amos Decker is one of the most unique main characters to come around in a long time.  I could not put this book down as every page is a cliff hanger leaving me wondering what will happen on the next page….

Buy It!

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