Book Review: “The Christmas Train” by David Baldacci

Genre: Thriller ?

I read “The Christmas Train” in 2002 or so (a few years before I started this blog).  I recently noticed that the Hallmark Channel has completed a movie based on this book soooooo, I decided to take the book off the shelf, dust it off, and re-read it for the 2017 holiday season….then watch the movie. I also have a personal connection….

Tom Langdon is a 41 year old world-traveling, danger-craving, journalist living in Washington DC.  He recently lost his mother due to a stroke and now, being alone in the world, he has plans to visit his part-time girlfriend, Lelia, in Los Angeles for Christmas.

Unfortunately, a TSA wand clobbered Tom in the nether regions causing him to go ballistic with the result that Tom can no longer fly in the U.S.

Deciding to take advantage of the situation, Tom decides that a nice long train ride across country will provide him time to re-evaluate his life……including coming to terms with the loss of his only true love, Eleanor, who walked out on him a few years ago.

With reservations on both the Capital Limited (DC to Chicago) and Southwest Chief (Chicago to LA via Lawrence KS) Tom sets out on his journey of discovery.

What he experiences is more than he could have ever imagined.

To find out what happens you can read the book….or watch the movie.  🙂

“The Christmas Train” is a fun adventure filled with amazing characters, great adventures, and three surprise endings.  A wonderful holiday treat for young or old.

Oh, why did I mention Lawrence, KS above?  Well…..I went to the University of Kansas (1981, Masters in Engineering) and loved traveling by train home (Long Island) for the holidays…..yes, the Southwest Chief……so I have truly experienced this book, only in reverse. 🙂  Train travel is magical.

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