Book Review: “A Minute to Midnight” by David Baldacci

Genre: Thriller

This is the second book in the Atlee Pine series.

FBI Special Agent (and former Olympic weightlifter) Atlee Pine is convinced she has found her twin sister’s kidnapper.

Daniel James Tor is a sociopathic killer spending the rest of his miserable life in a federal supermax prison in Colorado, and Atlee is there to visit him for the third time as she tries to understand why he took Mercy and almost killed Atlee (known then as Lee) when they were both 6 years old.

She is not making the progress she hopes.

Maybe she is wrong about Tor?

Stationed in the two person (the other person being her assistant, Carol Blum) FBI office in Shattered Rock, Arizona (near the Grand Canyon), Atlee is having anger issues related to her 30 year old crisis and her boss gives her some time to visit her old home in Andersonville, Georgia to see if she can gather some cold-case info (and closure) on Mercy’s kidnapping.

Road trip for Pine and Blum!

In Andersonville, Atlee finds a few folks who remember her from 30 years ago, and are somewhat helpful in filling in missing information for her, when……

A body shows up dressed in an old-fashioned marriage veil.

WTF? Andersonville has not had a murder in….forever.

Since Atlee is FBI, she offers to help the local sheriff untangle this murder, when……..

Another body shows up, this one dressed in a tux and a top hat.

The shit is hitting the fan and…….

Oh, to find out what happens, you will have to read the book. 🙂

“A Minute to Midnight” is a fun twisty thriller that is very hard to put down!

Atlee rocks….as does Blum. They are quite the crime fighting pair. 🙂

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