Book Review: “Redemption” by David Baldacci

Genre: Thriller

Amos Decker, Consultant to the FBI, is in Burlington, Ohio to visit the graves of his wife (Cassie) and daughter (Molly) on what would have been Molly’s 14th birthday. His FBI partner, Alex Jamison, is standing further away.

Amos is cursed with a perfect memory (due to a vicious football tackle in his first, and last, pro game) and he re-lives the horror of their murder everyday of his life. He was working and blames himself for not being there.

As he was finishing up at the graves, a stranger walks up to Amos and tells him he was innocent of a murder 13 years ago. This person, Meryl Hawkins, was found guilty of the murder of 4 people and sentenced to life in prison, but, now that he has only weeks to live (cancer), he was let out to live the rest of his days in freedom.

Meryl wants Amos (who with his then partner, Detective Mary Lancaster, were the ones in charge of the investigation that put Meryl away) to help him clear his name.

Amos reluctantly agrees, even though he can’t believe that he and Mary could have been mistaken.

Amos and Mary start investigating while Alex heads back to Washington D.C and when Amos and Mary go to meet with Meryl at the Residence Inn…..they find his body.



It turns out that Amos and Mary seem to be opening a Pandora’s box that someone does not want opened…..and all hell breaks loose, and bodies pile up, as they investigate.

The biggest question now is: Will they survive?

“Redemption” is a complicated murder mystery thriller full of twists and turns and dead ends. Amos might have met his match as he struggles to get ahead of the events hindering his investigation.

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