Book Review: “Daylight” by David Baldacci

Genre: Thriller

This is book #3 in the Atlee Pine series.

Immediately after the events of the last book…..FBI agent Atlee Pine and her assistant, Carol Blum are sitting outside of Andersonville, Georgia calling their boss, Clint Dobbs.

The purpose of the call is to get his permission to head off to New Jersey to follow up on some promising leads Atlee and Carol have uncovered concerning the kidnapping of Atlee’s twin sister, Mercy, nearly 30 years ago.

Since Atlee and Carol solved a string of murders while they were working the Mercy case, Dobbs reluctantly lets them continue, even though the stand-in Agents in tiny Shattered Rock, AZ are NOT happy campers.

Too bad….Atlee needs to find out what happened to her twin sister.

So here they are in N.J. to meet with the grandson, Teddy Vincenzo, of the man Atlee now believes almost killed her and took Mercy: Ito Vincenzo.

After hours of waiting, Teddy finally makes his move and scoots out the back door.

Atlee is in hot pursuit when………she runs into CID agent John Puller!


Then all hell breaks loose as Pine and Puller and Blum join forces and find themselves in the crosshairs of some really nasty people, including some (possibly many) very high up in the government….

……who want them…..dead!

“Daylight” is a fun, fast, very exciting, read that you need to put down just to catch your breath.

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