Book Review: “Kill Shot” by Vince Flynn

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Genre: Thriller

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“Kill Shot” picks up one year after the events in “American Assassin”.

Mitch Rapp is a promising young assassin working for a secret organization attached to the CIA. His bosses, Thomas Stansfield and Irene Kennedy, have given Rapp a list of Pan Am Lockerbie Flight 103 terrorists to kill. Setting Rapp lose seemed to be best as Rapp has shown his capabilities and can work faster and more efficiently with little help / interference from the CIA brass.

In Paris, the next person on Rapp’s kill list is Libya’s oil minister, Tarek al-Magariha. Rapp, and the CIA advance team, saw no security following Tarek. One night, while Tarek was with his most recent prostitute, Rapp enters the hotel room and promptly puts two bullets in Tarek’s head.

Only one problem….

In a hotel room close by, a team of armed men who have been waiting for the assassin to strike the oil minister enter Tarek’s room spraying bullets everywhere, intending to kill Rapp. Good luck with that…..

It appears that Rapp has royally screwed up. Or was he was setup?

To find out, you will have to read the book.

“Kill Shot” is the second prequel (after “American Assassin”) to the Mitch Rapp series. In it, we learn more about Rapp and his capabilities as well as his relationships with Kennedy, Stansfield, and Stan Hurley.

“Kill Shot” is a fun (if you can call killing and deceit “fun”) fast read. It is the next to last book written by Vince Flynn before his death in 2013 from cancer.

The Mitch Rapp series is continuing under the guidance of Kyle Mills with “The Survivor”.



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