Book Review: “The Paris Vendetta” by Steve Berry

Genre: Thriller

This is book #5 in the Cotton Malone series. Cotton was a Department of Justice special operative in the Magellan Billet but is now a book store owner in Copenhagen. He still gets in all sorts of trouble! 🙂

Napoleon took treasures from all the countries he conquered, and hid them. In his dying days in exile, he left clues to the treasure’s location for his son. But his son died before he got the clues, so the Napoleon treasure lies un-found.

Graham Ashby is a down on his luck Lord and treasure hunter. He just found Rommel’s gold and has now set his sights on Napoleon’s treasure.

Eliza Larocque is a very wealthy heiress who considers the Napoleon treasure her birthright and is also searching for it. As an aside…..she also is recruiting eight of wealthiest people in the world to join “The Paris Club” where she has a plan to make more money than they can imagine.

Cotton’s best friend, Henrik Thorvaldsen, lost his son two years ago in Mexico City. Cotton was there and took care of the assassins, but, Henrik now knows who ordered the killings…..and is out for revenge.

Add a few conspiracy theorists, the Magellan Billet, and assorted killers for hire and what you get is a thriller that spans London and Paris in a search for treasure that only the smartest can find…..

If they survive.

“The Paris Vendetta” is a fun romp through history (fact) and fiction. Loved it!

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