Book Review: “The Leopard” by Jo Nesbo

Genre: Thriller

After the events of “The Snowman”……Harry Hole has disappeared.


His boss, Gunnar Hagen has sent Detective Kaja Solness to find him, and, following a lead…..she did.

On the bright side, Harry is not getting drunk on alcohol as he tends to do between books, nope not Harry, now he is whacked out on opium and living in a dingy place in Hong Kong.

But, Kaja has news.

At home, Harry’s dad, Olav, is dying……and oh, by the way, there appears to be a serial killer on the loose again and guess who has the most experience tracking down serial killers?

Yup….Harry Hole: Whacked out drunk and, now, drug addict.

Harry returns to Norway to see his dad, his sister, and try to find out who has been brutally killing seemingly random people. Some with a device called Leopold’s Apple that originates in the Congo and ends up in the victims mouth.

“The Leopard” is another fantastic thriller that will leave you deeply disturbed, and your mouth tightly shut.

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