Book Review: “Total Power” by Vince Flynn / Kyle Mills”

Genre: Thriller

This was an ARC sent to me by the publishers. I am a Mitch Rapp Ambassador. #MitchRappisBack.

“Total Power” is due in stores Sept 15, 2020.

Imagine having no power…..for a year…..or two…..for the whole country.

Everything is down: Food production stops, stores run out of supplies and close, water stops flowing, no heat, no air conditioning, communication lines go down, panic hits the streets, disease is rampant.

The United States is brought to it’s knees and millions will die. This is not a Chinese hoax, and it won’t magically go away.

We are at the mercy of terrorists who know way too much about the power grid, and……

No one can do a f**king thing about it.

Well, one person can……Mitch Rapp.

“Total Power” is a terrifying look at what the world could look like if someone, or some organization, were able to take down the entire power grid, and keep it down. What would YOU do? What COULD you do? Think about it…..

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