Book Review: “The Gray Man” by Mark Greaney

Genre: Thriller

Court Gentry is the Gray Man.

No one knows his name or what he looks like, except, seemingly…..everyone.

The Gray Man just killed Dr. Isaac Abubaker the brother of the outgoing President of Nigeria, and the President of Nigeria wants him dead!

The LaurentGroup is about to sign a VERY lucrative deal with Nigeria, but, before they sign on the dotted line, they want the head of the Gray Man on a tray.

Sir Donald Fitzroy runs the Cheltenham Security Services and one of his clients is….the LaurentGroup. The Gray Man has known Fitzroy for years and he also knows his family.

He trusts Fitzroy.

But…..remember what Mulder always said in the X-Files.

Lloyd is another LaurentGroup employee, but, one on a mission:

To kill the Gray Man and deliver his head to the President of Nigeria.

He is going to use Fitzroy, and his family, to lure the Gray Man to his death.

Well….all hell breaks loose as the Gray Man does his best, against hundreds of hired killers, to try to save the Fitzroy family, especially 10 year old Claire.

Does he succeed?

To find out you will need to read the book, or watch the movie on Netflix July 2022. (Note: The movie looks a bit different from the book).

“The Gray Man” was published in 2009 and is the first Court Gentry book by Greaney, and it shows. The beginning of the book is thriller “lite” with so many references as to how great the Gray Man is, when we all know that Mitch Rapp is the best, and thriller “lite” situations that the great Gray Man handles with ease.

But, to be fair, it settles down later in the book with a lot of rousing action, even though at least one plot device is left dangling with no resolution. (Justine)

Here is the Netflix trailer… sure looks different than the book. But it could be fun. Hell….look at the cast! 🙂 Go to IMDb for more info.

Mitch Rapp thrillers…..


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