February 2023 Thrillers

Lots of new books and a new ITW web site that I am not thrilled with. 😉

Unnatural Mayhem by Sue Coletta

Blast by Robert Blake Whitehill

The Curators by Kenneth Andrus

River of Wrath by Alexandrea Weis and Lucas Astor

Red Chaos by Gary Grossman & Ed Fuller

Whispers of a Gypsy by J.T. Patten

Deep and Deadly by Keith Moray

Meta Man: Mars 900C by Vincent Zandri

Living Doll by Vincent Zandri

Ghosts by Vincent Zandri

Pembroke Pines by Vincent Zandri

Straight for the Kill by Winter Austin

Killing the Invisible by Keith Dixon

Random authors with il and vi in their names….


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