Book Review: “Y is for Yesterday” by Sue Grafton

Genre: Mystery

January 1979

Iris Lehmann is a freshman at the prestigious Climping Academy in Santa Teresa, CA.

She is there only because her father was hired as a teacher, not becasue her family has money like most of the other kids.

Iris is not happy, and gets in trouble….a lot.

One day she meets the office volunteer and fellow student, Poppy. Iris and Poppy hit it off and become close friends.

Unfortunately, what comes easy to Iris is more difficult for Poppy and the Principal asks Iris to back-off on her friendship so Poppy has more time to study.

Pissed, Iris steals the answer sheet to an important test.

Who knew that this simple theft would set off a chain of events that……

September 1989

Kinsey Millhone, Private Detective in Santa Teresa, is still recovering from a near fatal attack by madman Ned Lowe back in March.

Kinsey has purchased a gun, gotten her concealed carry permit, and is attending self-defense classes.

And those classes are not wasted……

… Ned is back!


One day, Kinsey gets a call from Lauren McCabe asking her if she can help with a case.

Lauren’s son, Fritz was just released from youth jail after spending 10 years behind bars for the murder of a high school girl from Climping Academy, Sloan Stevens, back in 1979.

And now, a sex tape is being used to extort $25,000 dollars from the McCabe family showing Fritz and other boys and one girl in uncompromising acts which could lead to jail time…..again.

Who is behind the extortion?

Kinsey reluctantly accepts the McCabe case while keeping an eye out for Ned the killer.

She had no way of knowing how much death would follow……

“Y is for Yesterday” was hard to read as it is, sadly, the last of the Kinsey Millhone series. We miss you, Sue 😦

“Y” alternately sparkles and drags, but, overall the mystery is intriguing…..

…….and pure Kinsey.


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