Book Review: “The Litigators” by John Grisham

Genre: Legal Thriller

(Very interesting mass tort thriller)

Oscar Finley and Wally Figg run a “boutique” law firm in Chicago.  They are glorified ambulance chasers, but, have been happily (or not so happily) eeking out a living for many years.  Oscar is in his early 60’s and dreams of divorce and retirement.  Wally is younger (in his late 40’s) and still has dreams and schemes of making big money.

Unfortunately, neither is a top flight lawyer.

David Zinc is a Harvard educated young lawyer working in anonymity at a huge Chicago law firm, Rogan Rothberg.  Working 100 plus hours a week, not seeing his wife, and, generally,  not having a life are getting to David.  The pressure to bill  hours at Rogan Rothberg is immense, and building. On his way to work one day, David has a near nervous breakdown……and runs from his job.

David spends the day a a local bar.  Drunk, later that day, David grabs a cab to head home when he spots an ad on a bus for the law firm “Finley & Figg”.  Making a spontaneous decision to go there (still drunk) he walks in Finley & Figg’s office and announces his intention to work there.

They hire him.

Wally catches wind of a mass tort against a cholesterol drug and joins the action hoping for a huge payday.   David picks up some work and falls into a potential winner involving lead poisoning.

Clearly David is the better lawyer in Finley &  Figg.

“The Litigators” is a very interesting look into the large mass tort area of law, large firm law, and small time, low budget, law.  A smooth read from beginning to end and I see a possible sequel or two.  🙂


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