Book Review: “The Confession” by John Grisham

Genre: Thriller

Rating: 4 Watertowers

Donte Drumm has less than a week to live.

He is at the end of a 10 year stay on death row in Texas for killing Sloan (Texas) High School Cheerleader Nicole Yarber.  Her body was never found, and the evidence during the trial was circumstantial at best.  Donte’s lawyer, Robbie Flak, has been working tirelessly for nearly 10 years to spring Donte.

Problem is…Donte confessed.

The Monday before the execution, in Topeka, Kansas, Travis Boyette (living at a half way home since he got out of prison) meets with Reverend Keith Schroeder and tells him that they are going to execute the wrong man.

“The Confession” rockets forward from there as Keith takes it upon himself to free Donte.  Does he succeed?  You will have to read “The Confession” to find out.

“The Confession” is a superb but harrowing account of justice and injustice similar to “The Innocent Man” (see my review here).  Grisham at his best.

On page 390 of the hardcover, the University of Kansas takes center stage.  I have three words for that:  ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK !  My alma mater.  🙂

Drive Safe! Never Forget.


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