TracyReaderDad Book Reviews: List of Books Read in 2019

Looking at my bookshelf, I read 23 real books, 1 electronic book, and 2 short stories (while waiting for the latest Mitch Rapp ARC to arrive). Not bad, even though my production has decreased from an average of about 30 books a year in my younger days. 🙂


“Requiem for an Assassin” by Barry Eisler

I started 2019 off where I left off in 2018. With John Rain. Fantastic series and another fantastic story by Eisler. More to follow as you scroll down this list. 🙂

“Long Road to Mercy” by David Baldacci

So hard to keep up with Baldacci as he has been writing up a storm the past few years. Atlee Pine is a new character and “Long Road to Mercy” is the start of the Atlee Pine series. She is tough….very tough.

“Legal Tender” by Lisa Scottoline

I fell in love with Mary DiNunzio in the last book (and first in the series), but, she is nowhere to be found in this book! But…..have no fear…..she shows up later this year. Keep scrolling….

“The Devils Star” by Jo Nesbo

Another perplexing, brutal, case for our hero Harry Hole. I LOVE this series! Harry is smart, determined, and so damaged it’s amazing he can get any work done.

“Dark Blossom” by Neel Mullick

This book was sent to me by the publishers, and it sounded so interesting, I just had to read it. Great book….give it a try. 🙂

“The Venetian Betrayal” by Steve Berry

After reading a few ARC’s sent to me by the publisher, I am now back to reading Cotton Malone in order. As always, this was an excellent thriller by one of the masters.

“Camino Island” by John Grisham

Talk about masters….John Grisham is the best of the best. A fun, 5 Watertower, book totally worth picking up and reading. Here is what I wrote: “Camino Island” is a fantastic read! I could not put it down. I love books about books, and I love the inside look (hey this is John Grisham) at writers, manuscripts, first edition books, etc.”

“The Night Trade” by Barry Eisler

Livia Lone returns in this brutal, scary, and unfortunately, timely thriller on human trafficking. Here is what I wrote: “The Night Trade” is like California Screamin’. It takes off at 100 mph and just keeps going faster and faster until it ends and you get off walking on wobbly legs and a bit disoriented. A fantastic, fast, action packed, brutal, but, ultimately satisfying, read. One of Eisler’s best.”

“Two for the Dough” Janet Evanovich

Stephanie Plum is a new bounty hunter spreading her wings on a tricky assignment with her sometimes lover, Morelli, lending a hand. Fun and action packed. I have a looooong way to go with Plum.

“V is for Vengeance” by Sue Grafton

The alphabet ends with “Y”. Getting too close to the end of the line with Kinsey Millhone, Private Eye :-(((((

“Badlands” by C.J. Box

“Badlands” is a fantastic thriller. Every word is a cliffhanger and I had to put the book down only to rest my eyes. Brutal, gory, frightening to the max, Cassie Dewell reminds us that she truly is one, wild west, bad-ass.

“Subterranean” by James Rollins

“Subterranean” is a fast-paced action-packed adventure that you have to put down just to catch your breath. I found myself looking a few pages ahead just so I could try to prepare myself for the next shocking twist.

“The Oracle” by Clive Cussler and Robin Burcell

“The Oracle” is a fast, fun, action-packed adventure that is impossible to put down (even though you have to occasionally). The list of characters in the beginning of the book is invaluable as there is a LOT of stuff going on, and LOTS of people doing said stuff. And, yes, Cussler shows up to help Amal and Remi. So cool. 🙂

“The Disappeared” by C.J. Box

“The Disappeared” is the second 5 WaterTower book in a row by C.J. Box. He is definitely hitting his stride with book #18 in the Joe Pickett series. He also is showing the humorous side of Nate and Joe….well, not Joe he is too straight and “Dudley Do-Right”, but, Nate is funny! 

“Rough Justice” by Lisa Scottoline

Marta did a great job defending Steere with the help of a local law firm, Rosato & Associates, and two young attorney’s: Mary DiNunzio and Judy Carrier. The jury is in charge now, but, they are expected to return a not guilty verdict……hey, Mary returns! Yipppeee. 🙂

“The Forgotten” by David Baldacci

“The Forgotten” is an action packed thriller from one of the best in the business. Puller, being an extremely intelligent ex-Ranger, is a formidable opponent for those with a criminal bent, and he is not afraid to give them their due.

“Honor & …” A Short Story by C.J. Box and Sandra Brown

Joe Pickett meets Lee Coburn. “What happens next is……very short and spectacularly great”

“Switchblade” A Short Story by Michael Connelly

Since Bosch has been working the Ratliff cold case, he now has new information to, possibly, pursue a second murder charge against Sewell.

What he finds is……

“Black List” by Brad Thor

A Scott Harvath novel. To see what happens….you will have to read “Black List”. A scary, very timely considering the FCC, in 2019, is trying to take away the free, open, Internet, and the 2019 Administration is proposing controls on Social Media. 

“Lethal Agent” by Kyle Mills and Vince Flynn

A devastating attack on the United States, and the World, is about to take place. Millions upon millions of lives are at stake and only one person stands in the way…….Mitch Rapp.

“Hands Up” by Stephen Clark

Told from the perspective of Ryan (first person narrative), Jade, and Kelly “Hands-Up” is both disturbing, and, then, shocking. A grim look at both sides of a police shooting (Ryan and his family, and Tyrell’s family via Jade and Kelly) that is emotionally powerful and moving, only to ratchet up the shock and intrigue with a dangerous love affair, cover-ups, lies, racism, manipulation….and murder.

“The Charlemagne Pursuit” by Steve Berry

“The Charlemagne Pursuit” is a great romp through history and around the world culminating in Antarctica! Lots of action, intrigue, and twists and turns. You’ll love it!

“The Detachment” by Barry Eisler

“The Detachment” is a 5 tequila stressful, extremely complicated, political thrill ride. With the wily deadly Rain (as the leader), the affable deadly Dox, the confused deadly Treven, and the deadly deadly Larison on the same team you never know from page to page who will die…..or who lives (if anyone).

“Hellbent” by Gregg Hurwitz

To say that “Hellbent” is hella-great is an understatement, as it takes the reader on a journey of (unwanted) self-discovery as the bodies of Evan’s enemies pile up in his wake: Nothing and no one is going to stop “The Nowhere Man” from killing those who killed his “father”.

“Out of the Dark” by Gregg Hurwitz

“Out of the Dark” is another fantastic thriller by Gregg Hurwitz. Fast, complex, brutal, and scarily news headline worthy (it even has the words quid pro quo…..yikes!). Several Orphan X story lines are explained / resolved, and, I suspect that the next book will return to featuring “The Nowhere Man” and his efforts to become a “normal” human being re: Mia, Peter, and Joey….but, I’ve been wrong once before. 😉

“Empire of Ivory” by Naomi Novik

“Empire of Ivory” is a good book, but, by no means Novik’s best. It drags quiet a bit in the beginning, but, those parts that sparkle are equal to the previous books.

The ending is exactly what you would expect from Laurence and Temeraire.

“The Escape” by David Baldacci

John Puller investigates the escape of his older brother, Robert, from Leavenworth! Danger, death, and deception to the highest levels make Puller fight back with all his skills just to try to stay alive

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

Happy Reading in 2020



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